Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who came out to our CD release show, helped make it happen, and have purchased/listened to our new album! We have had a really exciting year of playing gigs, recording, releasing albums, and making our radio debut on KWSS 93.9FM. I wanted to take a moment to update you on some things to expect from The Little Room Band next!

We have shot a music video for "Amarillo" that you can expect to see soon, created by the amazing Frank Thomas and Nicole Petculescu of Visual Concepts Media. Also, we will be rolling out some new show dates soon, so be on the lookout and come hang out with us! We have been doing ALOT of writing and are really excited about heading back into the studio this winter to start working on our new album.

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Facebook, come see us live and continue to share the new album. We have had a blast sharing our music with you, and are so thankful for all the support we have received over the past year.

- Jonathan

Special thanks to: Stir It Up Records & Productions, KWSS 93.9FM, Yurview Arizona, Visual Concept Media, The Rebel Lounge, Songbird Coffee & Tea House, The Rogue Bar, Yucca Tap Room, Epicentre Recording, Signal Six, Jim Bachmann, Joe Vito.

Continuing The Conversation

Often I am asked why I write the songs I write. Why do you write songs that sound so old? I don't have a perfect answer for that. I've always been attracted to folk music for 2 main reason: authenticity and timelessness. Folk songs are timeless in that there are so many that are over 100 years old and they are still just as relevant today as they were then. Folk songs are authentic in that there is no holding back, they speak the truth, and they weren't written to make money. They were written to start a conversation. Recently, I picked up a book called "Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads." It's a graphic novel created by Nick Hayes inspired by the life of Woody Guthrie. One quote in that book stuck out to me as the exact reason I write the songs I write: "But the song he had written last night was different. It bit like the grit of the storm that inspired it and fit so snugly into that old melody that it seems like a response, some kind of continued conversation with the wisdom of old." That's exactly what I want to do - respond. There are so many old songs, written from grief, happiness, longing, and gratitude. They were written to start a conversation in a world that didn't have social media and texting. I want to continue that conversation. We owe it to them to respond and not let the conversation be forgotten.

- Jonathan